Thursday, January 4, 2007


Whew! We are excited! We have begun the new year with this new endeavor to engage reasserters and friends in the Episcopal Church in dialogue on issues which pertain to the crisis within the Anglican Communion. This blogging space is created with the intent of providing reasserters who wish to hash out the issues in an environment which reflects civility and deliberate reflective thinking. We desire to understand divergent views and to present our own in a manner which helps to mature our thinking and understanding.

We view ourselves as theologically orthodox in all matters pertinent to the faith as has been traditionally taught in the Anglican/Episcopal tradition. We support the efforts currently underway to find a way for reasserting/orthodox communicants to continue upholding the faith once delivered within the Anglican Communion in communities which affirm orthodox theology. However, we are troubled by the little charity or mercy shown to divergent views on non-essentials within the reasserting community both for its own and those outside the reasserting community.

Many of us have tough skins and have tolerated the vituperations of many within our camp. After a while, it becomes an exercise in futility and it becomes intolerable to witness the lack of charity. While there are centrist revisionist blogs available for exchanging ideas, the fundamental differences in the theological frameworks used makes discussion for thinking reasserters difficult.

Here, we wish to allow thinking reasserters and friends ample elbow room to explore current issues without being cannabalized by others in the reasserting camp. We have few friends on either side. We will be rebuffed by other reasserters and we certainly will be ostracized by the revisionist camp. We trust this will be a safe haven for thinking reasserters to explore ideas, reflect on their own and grow into the mature image of Christ.

Given the events in the U.S., the upcoming Primates' Meeting in Tanzania and the events in the COE which has recently shown clearly divergent views on issues within the orthodox/evangelical camp, the creation of this blog is timely.

May love and mercy guide our reflections. May the love of Christ make us unwavering in the fundamentals yet always mindful of the mercy extended to us. May the love of neighbor make us mindful to extend to them the same mercies.



Gulfstream said...

I am hoping some of the serious reasserters will find a home here to discuss the finer points of our tradition. Thanks for the forum.

Craig David Uffman said...

Good job, Richard. I look forward to the development of this forum. I'll check back regularly to contribute.